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125 questions~
Tagged by :iconLalahbug: :hug:
1) Are you really ready for 125 questions?
Yeah, why not? Although, I should be writing a Yoon Bum x reader fic.
2) Was your last relationship a mistake?
Well, my last relationship is the one I'm in rn so no~ :3
3) Do you believe in God?
4) Who did you last say "I love you" to?
My boyfriend :heart:
5) Do you regret it?
Of course not.
6) Have you ever been depressed?
I don't think so.
7) Have a best friend?
8) Are you a boy or girl?
Are we playing Pokemon? xD I'm a girl.
9) What is your relationship status?
I'm in a serious relationship :)
10) How do you want to die?
I don't want to die...
11) What did you last eat?
Some cookies with my tea :heart:
12) Like to go on walks?
13) Do you bite your nails?
All the freaking time u.u
14) When was your last physical fight?
Probably with my brother when we were little.
15) Do you have an attitude?
Depends on the ocassion~
16) Do you like someone?
My bf :love:
17) What's your real name?
Verónica Gu
:iconvenulus:Venulus 1 2
Devious Journal Entry
Oh man...I feel like it's been forever. The classes I am taking are very heavy duty! But, I dropped one, so HOPEFULLY, my creative juices won't be sucked dry. //and maybe my brain will give me a freakin' break//Phoenix Wright Sweating Icon 
So, I got tagged by the lovely Mikittykun to do the 100 Truths Tag //actually, it's the 99 truths but I'madding something to make it even X'D// 
Without further ado...
1. Real Name: Abby or Jenny

2. Nickname: Nyra, J-Hawk, Moron, Cakes, Mom
3. Favorite Color: Purple, red, blue
4. Male or female?: Female
5. Elementary/Primary School: Completed
6. Middle/Secondary School: Completed
7. High School/College-Sixth Form: Completed 

8. College/University:
 Graduated massage therapy school, finished junior college, now going into nursing school!
9. Hair Color: Very dark brown

10. Ta
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 3 17
Should I post some more stories from my Quotev here? The only thing I'm worried about is people stealing my writing.
:iconvkusn0:Vkusn0 1 1
Little Update!
Hey guys!! I know I'm pretty much on hiatus now but I just wanted to pop by and wish that you're all having a wonderful day and a wonderful week and a wonderful month in all! I'm very busy nowadays, I got the lead in my school's musical this year and I have rehearsal every day for the next month. I've been in the middle of writing an Eren fic for the past month too lol. I'm trying to find time to finish it but I'm also moving to a new house this weekend and everything is VERY discombobulated, so I want to thank you all for being patient with me and sticking around and still leaving me beautiful comments! Even though a lot of them are irrelevant spam, I'm grateful for the ones that still leave feedback on my stories!
To make up my absence, I know it's not a fic but at least a little tag wouldn't hurt right? Maybe some info about me changed?? Idk I haven't done a tag in 525,600 years
1. Real Name: Isabela (with one L)

2. Nickname: Bela
3. Favorite Color
:icongreystream:Greystream 5 3
Can't You Love At All? Levi x Reader
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Word Count: 2,280
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes
There may be swearing. (It’s Levi, duh.)
I do not own any characters from Attack on Titan they belong to their creators
Author’s Note:
I guess it get a bit PG-13? It’s nothing bad though. That’s there’s a warning for you.
   Levi watched her intently, as she sat with her squad, chatting about things from the training that day. He watched her walk over once Hange called her over.
   “Why don’t you sit at the Squad Leader table, like you're supposed to? Do you like your squad more than us?” Hange whined. ___ stared at her blankly. She was always calm, composed, rare smiles and giggles. She was so very kind and caring, but it was clear, after being in the Survey Corps for years, she didn’t have much emotion left to her.
   “I have to make sure they know me, trust me. My last squad didn
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 71 18
Levi x Reader |Chocolate Hearts|
You looked at the box full of chocolate hearts, feeling very proud of what you managed to make. You picked up the lid and placed it on the box. You picked up the box from the table, it was Valentine day and you made a gift for a certain corporal. You bit your bottom lip, was it good enough? You swallowed the lump in your throat, it was worth a try, if it didn’t work and if Levi did reject, well, you gave it a go and that’s important.
You left the kitchen and left the mess hall, you did the chocolate at home and placed them in heart moulds, putting them in the box at home this morning and brought them to HQ, you checked the chocolates again, making sure they looked good, to you they looked nice, you just hoped he would like them himself. You placed the lid back on them.
You breathed out and dusted your skirt since everyone had a day off today.
“Oh (Name).” Gloria greeted. “Going to deliver the gift?”
“Y-Yeah, I’ll try.”
:iconmeloncubes:MelonCubes 59 22
A Memory Of Terror [Levi | Reader | Modern AU!]
Warning: Gore | Violence
You were able to feel your muscles on their way to convulse as you ran up the stairs, following behind Levi and Erwin. You could only ask yourself if Hanji, Mike and Nanaba had already found a safe place from "them". You had different classes when it happened so before you could get together all hell broke loose and you had to run for your lives - literally. 
Your head was pounding and your thoughts were frantic, you felt like you could just lie down and cry for the rest of the day but you were fully aware of the fact that there was no time for that. You heard your name being screamed and when you looked up you witnessed Levi's widened eyes on yours while Erwin was already sprinting down the stairs with Levi's bat in his hand.
You didn't know how you got on the ground - back pressed against the cold wall - but you could hear your heart beat rapidly in your ribcage when your gaze fell upon the corpse that was reaching out for
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 14 12
Special Day (Levi x Reader)
Please listen while reading: [link]
This was the fifth time of (name) rolling on the other side of her bed. She simply can’t help but to toss and turn around. Something was bothering her.
It was either those horrifying nightmares again or she just couldn’t simply fall asleep. Glancing at the clock, it was already 2:30am.
How long have she been fidgeting in her bed? Not that she truly care.
Today is now December 25. Ahh, it’s already Christmas.
It was normal for the Survey Corps to not celebrate such a fine holiday. Simply because in every expedition that was held, a death of a comrade is inevitable. Most families are still mourning for the loss of a loved one.
But (name) couldn’t care less. Even if it wasn’t celebrated that much, she still loved the feeling of Christmas.
Her patience wasn’t helping her that much. She no longer couldn’t help herself. I
:iconflaminguchiha:flaminguchiha 33 11
Reader x Levi - AU!Broken Bear
Reader x Levi - AU!Broken Bear
Warning for language
Please listen at a low volume while you read

He screams at the top of his lungs, curse words spewing from his lips like an infinite flow of water. His words strike you in the gut and force the air out of your lungs. How could he say such things? After all those good times together… had all of this meant nothing to him?
         You do not know how to make him stop. So you run and reach for the bear on the top shelf of the book case. The stuffed animal had lived through many arguments, but had never seen something as bad as this before.
         His name was very simple; Beary the Bear. First date; cliche carnival, Levi had beaten an impossible game and claimed the bear for you. After that moment, his arm wrapped around your waist and he refused to let go until you forced him off.
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 41 25
Texts [Levi | Reader | Modern AU!]
At: 00:02
From: AnnoyingBae
To: CuteBoyfriend

Oh, Leeeevviiii~

At: 00:05
From: CuteBoyfriend
To: AnnoyingBae
What the fuck do you want at this time of the night, (L/N)?
At: 00:06
From: AnnoyingBae
To: CuteBoyfriend

Just to see how my bae is doing, nothing else.
At: 00:07
From: CuteBoyfriend
To: AnnoyingBae
And what am I supposed to be doing?
At: 00:07
From: AnnoyingBae
To: CuteBoyfriend

Idk, jerking off to some porn while thinking of your girlfriend, like normal guys do?
I bet you're just reading a book with a cup of tea in your uncle's frigging office.
At: 00:08
From: CuteBoyfriend
To: AnnoyingBae
I am actually doing that. And I accept you insulting the fact that I read but if you insult Edgar Allan Poe, I'm gonna dump you.
At: 00:08
From: AnnoyingBae 
To: CuteBoyfrien
:iconstilemawillow:StilemaWillow 33 9
Reader x Levi - AU!Let Her In
ReaderxMentallyIllLevi - AU!Let Her In
Warning - This piece contains sensitive material related to suicide and mental illness.
This is the third and final part to Finding A Reason To Stay and  The One That Got Away.
With a swift movement of his hand, the tie flies across the room and lands in the large pile of discarded clothes. Yet another item of clothing that would not work with his outfit. Why was this so difficult?
         Levi sighs and goes to hunt deeper in his closet for something that would make his attire more presentable. After staring at himself in the full-body mirror for a minute, his pale and slender fingers tug down on the crisp edge of his collared shirt. He then runs his hands over the small, white buttons in order to smooth out nonexistent
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 62 58
My One and Only. Levi x Reader
Fandom: Attack on Titan
Word Count: 1074
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes
There may be swearing.
I do not own any characters from Attack on Titan they belong to their creators
Author’s Note:
So this is a soulmate AU, which a lot of my watchers wanted.
The type of soulmate AU:  You stop aging at a certain age until you meet your soulmate and grow old together. In my thing of this. You’ll know it;s your soulmate because after you meet and touch. You’ll get a hot flash.
Also, this is from Levi’s POV
   “I’ve been alive for almost a century. I don’t think I’ll ever find my soulmate,” I mumbled bitterly while taking a sip of my tea. My long term friend Erwin, who I had only met 20 years ago, just recently found his soulmate, he was asking me to be his best man.
   “It could be your soulmate died somehow before meeting you, now you have to wait until they reincarnate
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 61 56
Reader x Levi - AU!Aviophobia
Reader x Levi - Quickie!AU!Aviophobia
Warning for language

    1. fear of flying in an airplane or other aircraft
You bounce nervously in your seat, turning your head left and right. The breaths you take in are short and ragged. Your heart beats furiously and you want this moment to end as fast as possible.
         “Tch.” Levi takes your hand in his and rubs a thumb across your skin to calm you.
         “That doesn’t help,” you snap at him, looking out of the window. Your eyes follow the plane’s long wing. Shaking your head, you shut your eyes and squeeze Levi’s hand tightly. “I don’t like flying! Why do we have to go by plane? Why not something else? Train? Car? Bike?”
         Your boyfriend sighs. “Don’t be afraid, brat.
:iconmythiica:Mythiica 47 34
Pocky and Viktor?! - Drabble Ish
Yuuri x Viktor
"Yuuri," Viktor called, his voice slightly muffled.
Turning around and blushing furiously upon seeing Viktor, Yuuri stuttered incoherently, waving his arms around.
"V-Viktor, wha...w-what are you doing?!"
Viktor waggled the Pocky stick sticking out of his mouth, blue eyes glinting with innocent curiosity. Yuuri backed away from Viktor slowly, still blushing and unable to form a proper sentence, his glasses left forgotten on the table where he was about to pick them up from. Matching each step Yuuri took backward with a forward step of his own, Viktor pouted, making puppy dog eyes and waggling the Pocky stick insistently in Yuuri's face.
Soon, Yuuri's back was pressed against the wall. He had nowhere left to run. With a sigh of defeat, Yuuri chomped down on the other end of the Pocky stick, hesitantly nibbling towards Viktor. Taking the hint, Viktor started munching at the Pocky too, the distance between them decreasing rapidly.
:icononyxdeathangel:OnyxDeathAngel 23 27
Waking Up Before Vitya
Viktor x Yuuri
Yuuri sighed softly, brown eyes fluttering open. His right hand, out of habit, patted the space beside the pillow, idly searching for his glasses. Ruffling his sleep tousled hair with one hand, the other expertly flipped his folded glasses open and put them on. Blinking his sleepy eyes, he rubbed at them, knocking his glasses slightly askew.
The soft, sleepy hum came from the curled form beside Yuuri on the bed. Viktor sleepily murmured five...five more...minutes...before falling asleep once again, silvery platinum grey hair framing his peaceful face. Yuuri blinked as he straightened his glasses, surprised that Viktor was not yet awake. Each morning, Viktor had always been the first to wake up and get out of bed, usually when Yuuri was still deeply asleep.
With a large yawn, Yuuri glanced at the softly glowing crimson numbers of the sleek black alarm clock sitting on the bedside table.

Soft brown eyes widened i
:icononyxdeathangel:OnyxDeathAngel 24 30
Shine. Yuri Katsuki x Reader
Fandom: Yuri on Ice
Word Count: 1920
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes
There may be swearing.
I do not own any characters from Yuri on Ice they belong to their creators
Author’s Note:
So I love Yuri, more than Victor, more than Yurio. Probably because I relate to him so much. So here is a short little Yuri fic. Well it’s short for me considering it’s not over 2,000 words
This is the song that inspired me to write this, so if you want to listen to it, do it. Mythiica Thanks for showing me this song~
Songy dwo

   Victor was slowly stirring awake from one of his food naps, rubbing his eyes he sat up. Makkachin slowing rolled over into a stretch. Mari just happened to be walking by, which was great luck for Victor.
   “Hey, where is Yuri?”
   “He went to the Ice Castle about an hour ago or so.” She quickly answered him before c
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 32 6



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Carlee Boden
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I am mainly going to post fanfiction on here, maybe a couple of drawings...


Disregard my last update. I finally figured it out and it works now. I was worrying so much! I never realized how much DA means to me!

Love ya guys!
Guys. Can any of you guys help me? My notifications won't load at all, and I feel like you guys are writing/drawing some amazing things that I can't see! Have you guys dealt with this/are you dealing with it, and how do you fix it?!

Thank you!
I'm going to stay up for quite a while tonight to read a bunch of your guys' work. But who should I make my Reader X _____ (About Piercings) with? I would prefer it to be with someone from Attack on Titan, but I feel like Reader x Levi's are so overused, however, if I can't think of anyone else or something then I will probably do it with him. If you have any recommendations here are my requirements for the X Reader to be with:
- from Attack on Titan
-Badass, but doesn't need to be that badass

Don't you just love when you have a small fight with one of your ex-friends that suddenly stopped talking to you, and now you think that a bunch of your friendships are going to be ended? Welp, she wanted the truth. Love you guys!!
196 deviations
GUYS!!! Guess what happened to me today!!!!! 

You guessed it!!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! 

Okay, enough of my bullshit. I just wanted to say something about Valentine's day. So, let me just say that I have never gotten anything for Valentine's day, and I don't care (I really don't.) But it really pisses me off when people have to stop class to give someone their valentine. Or when the student council comes around and gives a whole bunch of people candies and shit. Like holy fuck! Do they seriously have to interrupt class to do that? And then there are the times where the people that are walking in front of you stop and they give each other their valentines and other people are taking pictures. Like, I'm sorry, but I don't give a fuck about this shit, I just want to get to an important class. It's just like when the people in front of you are walking super slowly! And then I have my (horrible) friends that make fun of me for never getting a valentine and showing how much their boyfriend/parents love them. That reminds me!! I might be the only one, but why would your parents give you a valentines gift? It just doesn't make sense to me. Like, they give you the essentials and maybe a couple other things. Isn't that enough to show that they slightly care about you? Okay... now that I'm writing this... it's turning into a bad rant. Sorry. 

So you know what? 

Thank you so much :iconcutiestar36: for containing me in your Valentines Day list!!! Plus, I hope every single one of you whom I watch or watches me has a fan-fucking-tasic Valentines Day!!

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